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PostSubject: Patch   Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:46 am

Happy Solorius Festival! santa

Holiday Event (The Solorius Festival)
Holiday NPC’s, Cheerful Decorations, and Festive Music located in both major cities
Special Vendor NPC’s that sell party favors for all to use

Restore timer for deleted characters over level 20 has been changed from 6mins to 7days

Renamed “Gains Stigma” to “Stigma Skill”

Corrected the variables in the “Transformation: Guardian Deity General” skill for Asmodians II – V and Elyos III – IV from the incorrect lower level ones that were displayed

Corrected the skill description and buff tooltip for “Dauntless Spirit I” to correct values

Corrected the skill description for “Empyrean Fury I” to correct values

Fixed NPC’s Buri in Primum Landing and NPC Asellus in Teminon Landing inside of the Abyss from asking players to submit a petition

Fixed some skill system messages that incorrectly identified who was casting what on whom

Searching items in the Auction House is no longer case sensitive

Searching for other players is no longer case sensitive

Spiritmaster Pets now have the ability to fly

Hair Dyes will no longer reset after 48 hours or future server restarts


Siege weapons cannot be activated after being deployed. We’re currently working on a fix but have no set ETA at this time.

Legion Emblems may reset after a server restart

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