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 Forum Site Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Site Rules   Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:25 am

Welcome to Prodigy!

We encourage free speech and expression, but be smart about it. There are 10-year-olds and 60-year-olds and every age group in between from every culture around the world.

Let's build a friendly community for everyone!

Please follow these guidelines when posting

No Hacks
-We do not condone any form of cheats/hacks. Use of bots or hacks will be a permanent ban from legion and website.

No Flaming
-Your opinion matters! Don't say "You suck!" or "Legion x is stupid".
-Express yourself Intelligently!

No Prejudice
-No forms of racism or prejudice will be tolerated. We are all people and let's show a modicum of respect.

No Vulgar or Obscene Content
-This is a no-brainer. No child porn. No bestiality. No testicles.

One Account
-Create only one account. Creating multiple accounts will instigate a ban.

No spamming or Advertising
-We are not running a marketing site. Do not post anything to make you money.

-All expressed opinions are the property of the respective poster and in no way reflect the expressed opinion or value of the forum moderators or hosts.
-You agree not use any material posted on the site for any legal action. If the content is not to your liking, please discontinue use of this site.
-In the event that these guidelines are ignored, a warning will be sent to the poster. If it is a recurring event or in the case of spam/junk the user will be banned without warning.

-=::Leaders of Prodigy::=-
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Forum Site Rules
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